New England Training Camp

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You could say press surrounding Football players is not too good right now, not to point out any names, but a certain Mr. Cole has been in trouble for his twitter comments.

But yesterday in what news reporters described as a ‘Truly historic day for English Football’ the attention was turned off the players and surprisingly onto a well known royal couple. In fact you may have heard of them, yes Prince William and Kate Middleton opened the new state of the art the Englandcamp.

The new Englandcamp based in Staffordshire is said to be a ‘World Class Facility’ which will provide top of the range education for the future coaches of English Football. Prince William and Kate Middleton spent to day at the training ground and from the pictures and quotes, seemed like they were having fun.

But one reporter asks, is this going to make a big difference? Can this result inEnglandwinning a football trophy? That term ‘Football Trophy’ is quite a mystery for many of theEnglandplayers at International level. Their only relevance to it is watchingSpainwin the football trophies from their own homes.  Like a typicalEnglandfootball supporter, I always believe, I always get my hopes up, so the answer is yes, I do think this new State of the art base can make a difference.

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