How to Polish a Silver Trophy

How do you clean and Polish a Silver Trophy?

First check what the Cup or Trophy is made from, if its solid silver or silver plate there will be some kind of marking on the rim of the cup or base.  This is important as if the Trophy is made from Silver it MUST only be cleaned with Silver polish.

Now you have found the Trophy is made from silver you can start the polishing process.  First you need some Silver Polish which can be found at most hardware stores.  We recommend using Silver Polish Wadding which needs to rubbed against the silver Trophy. 

As you rub the Silver Wadding across the surface of the Silver Trophy you will see dark residue coming off the Trophy.

Keep doing this all over the silver trophies until you have rubbed all the surfaces of the silverware.

When this is complete get yourself  a soft cloth and rub over the surface of the Silver Trophy.  This will clean off the residue and start to leave a clean and polished finish.

Keep rubbing the soft cloth over the silver Trophy until it leaves the Silver Trophy looking brand new!

For anymore question on how to clean Trophies please give us a call.

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