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Lewis Hamilton’s comprehensive victory in the British Grand Prix last weekend cut Nico Rosberg’s lead at the top of the Formula One World Championship to just one point, and with 11 races still to go the 2016 season could end up being one of the most exciting yet!

The Silverstone Grand Prix has played host to some of the most exciting, dramatic and memorable Formula One races in history, and with its high-speed corners and technical middle section it’s easy to see why. With speeds reaching up to 190mph and pulling nearly 5g through the flowing corners, the famous old circuit is renowned for putting drivers and their vehicles to the test.

Best British Grand Prix races

To celebrate Aford Awards being chosen to supply the trophies for this year’s British Grand Prix, we’re taking a look back at some of the most memorable British Grand Prix races in history. To vote for your favorite, get on Twitter and use the hashtag assigned to each race:

2008 - Lewis Hamilton Wins in the Rain (#BritishGP08)

Dubbed Britain’s ‘wettest Grand Prix’ of recent years, Lewis Hamilton was under pressure after failing to secure a point in his previous two races and was determined not to let the rain stop him from doing so at Silverstone. The extremely heavy rain made the conditions wet and treacherous, but as havoc reigned around him, Hamilton kept his cool and, despite early pressure from Raikkonen and a scare going across the grass on lap 37, he took the chequered flag over a minute ahead of BMW's Nick Heidfeld in second position, lifting the trophy on the podium.

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1998 - Michael Schumacher Wins and Somehow Avoids a Stop-Go Penalty (#BritishGP98)

Formula 1 racing is no stranger to controversy. Over the years, drivers have won races in many interesting circumstances, but rarely has anyone ever won a Grand Prix while stationary in the pit lane! Yet at the 1998 British Grand Prix Michael Schumacher did just that.

Officials who were investigating Schumacher’s early overtaking of Wurz before the start/finish line decided to hand Schumacher a stop-go penalty, but only in the penultimate lap of the race. Schumacher’s team, Ferrari, was confused as to whether it was a ten-second stop-go penalty or if ten seconds would be added to Schumacher's race time. They had to act on the penalty and so assumed it to be stop-go, telling Schumacher to come in to the pit lane, which he did. But while doing that, Schumacher had also crossed the finish line and had technically won the race whilst stationary!

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3. 1994 - Damon Hill and Michael Schumacher Crash (#BritishGP94)

British driver Damon Hill and fellow driver, Michael Schumacher were well known in the 90’s for creating controversy and contention, which is exactly what happened when Hill saw an opportunity to pass Schumacher - despite being a long way back he barrelled down the inside - only for Schumacher to begin turning in as the corner neared. Smoke streamed from Hill’s brakes, but his momentum was now irresistible. Hill’s right front wheel smashed into the side of Schumacher’s Benetton, sending both men into the gravel trap and finishing the race for both of them.

Schumacher was furious. Hill commented after the race: “It was just a racing accident. I thought I saw an opportunity that I could take advantage of, but I am afraid that Michael is a harder man to pass than that and we had an accident. I was a racing driver doing what racing drivers do - which is to try and get past the bloke in front and win.

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1987 - Nigel Mansell v Nelson Piquet (#BritishGP87)

The British Grand Prix of 1987 was one of the circuit’s most memorable, mainly due to the continued rivalry between Williams team mates Nigel Mansell and Nelson Piquet.

The pair fought throughout the race, towards the finish line against each other, in front of the 100,000 strong British crowd, which saw the lap record broken eight times during the race.

By lap 62 the two cars were nose to tail and on lap 63 Mansell performed his now famous 'Silverstone Two Step' move, selling Piquet a dummy on the Hangar Straight and then diving down the inside into Stowe Corner. Mansell was out of fuel on the slowing down lap and was soon engulfed by the crowd as he limped across the finish line - unknown spectators at the time, his fuel gauge had been in the red two laps before the finish, yet he still managed to take the title and take home the trophy in an epic emotional finish.

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1969 - Jackie Stewart Wins Silverstone Grand Prix in Teammate’s Car (#BritishGP69)

As the bookies favorite to win the championship, Stewart suffered a nasty crash during practice that saw him loose control of his car and career through 3 layers of chain-link fencing at 150mph after a tyre blow-out.

In order to complete the British GP, Steward commandeered the car of his team mate, Jean-Pierre Beltoise, for the remainder of the race, which saw an epic leadership battle between Steward and rival Rindt. Yet, despite an engine misfire and cutting out totally in the final lap, Stewart managed to roll his team mate’s car through the chequered flag to take the prestigious motorsport trophy.

Stewart's victory was all the more remarkable as it emerged afterwards he had driven most of the race without a clutch. "There was nothing to it but to go on changing gear by judging the engine revs precisely," he commented after the race.

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