How to erase engraving on a Trophy

Every now and again, we are asked to remove the engraving from all kinds of trophies. Being engraving specialists, the team at Aford Awards make sure we adhere to these requests and fix up your trophy so that you can either re-engrave it or re-use it again for another occasion, whatever it may be.

Erasing engravings are usually requested due to:

  • Engraving errors
  • Misspellings
  • Wanting to recycle the trophy for another use

Though it may be true that engraving is possible on most trophies, the process varies depending on the type of award the engraving is on. For example... 

Silver Cup or Silver Trophy

For anything silver, the process is simple; and the engraving can be erased by having the trophy re-silvered. The engraving is simply rubbed out and the silver trophy is re-silvered, leaving it looking as good as new, ready to be re-used or re-engraved if you wish. 

Nickel Plated Trophies

For Nickel plated trophies, the process is slightly more difficult and depends on the quality of the trophy. If you have a nickel plated trophy that requires engraving erased, we recommend you contact our engraving specialists who will do their utmost to fix it up for you. If the engraving is on an engraving plate then the only option is to have a new plate made, unless the trophy is made from solid silver, which would be resilvered. The cost of this is minimal as most engraving plates only cost around £1 each. 

Glass Trophies

Some engraving on glass can be removed after being polished out and engraved over, but again, this depends on the type of glass trophy it is and how deep it has been engraved. 

Alternatively, buy a new trophy!

On many occasions it actually works out cheaper and more beneficial to buy a new trophy than having engraving removed. If you're looking to buy a new trophy, why not check out our fantastic range of high-quality trophies and silver and nickel cups. All of our products are great value for money; sold at affordable prices that won't break the bank. 

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