How many trophies have Arsenal won?

Arsenal football club is one of the world’s most popular clubs and successful clubs, both on and off the field. From the inception of the club in Dial Square in 1886, we’ve seen some truly memorable trophy wins and exceptional players grace both Highbury and the Emirates stadiums. But how many trophies have Arsenal during their time in English football?

Arsenal Football Club has won a whopping 46 trophies throughout the Men’s FIFA, UEFA & top qualifying FA, EFL and PL honours. These include:

  • 13 FA Cups (the current record)
  • 13 League Champions
  • 2 League Cups
  • 1 League Centenary Trophy
  • 15 Community Sheilds
  • 1 UEFA Winners Cup
  • 1 Inter-Cities Fairs Cup

This extensive trophy list makes Arsenal Football Club the UK’s third most successful football club of all time behind Liverpool and Manchester United.

Notable Trophy Wins

Premier League 2003-2004 - the 49 games unbeaten. 

Arsenal became renowned record breakers bin the 03/04 seasons when the team set an unrivalled league record of 49 games unbeaten consisting of 36 wins and 13 draws. Legendary players from this era including Thierry Henry and Robert Pires’ strolled to another Premier League trophy that year, unparalleled by their Premiership rivals. The win made history, a memory that the Gunners will treasure for decades to come. The elite teams of recent times including Liverpool and Manchester City have not managed

2004/2005 FA cup win 

Although the 2004/2005 year’s success is an overlooked win compared to heroics of the previous year, the cup final between the Gunners and The Red Devils was one of the most anticipated sports fixtures of the year. Both teams set records as the first win to be awarded by penalty shootouts. The pressure was immense for Arsenal given their win the previous year and the rivalry felt stronger than ever before.

The nail-biting match kept fans on the edge of their seats, especially when it appeared that Ryan Giggs appeared to have a clear strike an open goal, however, the victory rested in the hands of Patrick Vieira, the club’s captain, during the penalty shootout.

The end to the Arsenal trophy drought

The greatness of Arsenal’s achievements failed to diminish expectations in the coming years.

Arsene Wenger’s team struggled to win trophies for a nine-year stretch between their last win in 2005 to 2014. 512 games and over 3,000 days later Arsenal secured their victory over what would become one of the most talked about comebacks in English FA Cup football history.

The 3-2 win against Hull City, hosted at Wembley stadium in May 2014, was another win for the history books as Arsenal took the lead for the highest number of FA Cup wins, helping to secure the questionable future of the manager Arsene Wenger.

Arsenal fans have followed the team through the magnificent successes and the disappointing losses throughout the decades. Arsenal will always be seen as one of the world’s greatest and most decorated clubs in the modern Premier League era. Whilst they have enjoyed domestic success, they are yet to win a major European football trophy in recent times. With 3 time Europa League winner Unai Emery now at the helm, can we expect Arsenal to become a dominant force again?

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