MUST PLAY! - Guess the trophy, can you win more trophies than Alex Ferguson?


Call yourself a true sports fan? This quiz definitely separates the 'one sport wonders' from the sports fanatics. It’s the Aford Awards version of ‘A question of sport.’

Are you ‘that guy’ who knows everything there is to know about Football? You know all about the goal Ray Parlour scored in the to clinch the FA cup in 2003-04. You were there when Wayne Rooney scored ‘that’ overhead kick vs Manchester City. But how well do you know your other sports?

Our sports trophy quiz is the one true test of a well-rounded sportsman. We’re challenging the nation to find the most knowledgeable worldwide sports fan.

See how your sports knowledge scores below?

  • If you guess between 1-5 correctly, you’re an amateur sports fan! A rookie. Brush up on your knowledge of worldwide sports and try again.
  • If you guessed between 5-10 correctly your knowledge of sports worldwide is impressive, you’re more knowledgeable than most of the UK population so great work.
  • If you guess over 10 correctly, you’re truly 'sports crazy.' You’re likely to get up a stupid o’clock to watch a sports event occurring halfway across the world!

This quiz was created by Aford Awards, suppliers of quality trophy cups and medals including football trophies, basketball trophies, athletics medals, gymnastics medals and bespoke trophies

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