Champions League Trophy FAQs

With the Champions League Final taking place on June 1st, 2019 - we have compiled this list of FAQs about the trophy and about the competition, to answer your burning questions once and for all!

Good luck to Liverpool and Tottenham in the Champions League final, at the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium in Madrid, Spain!

How many Champions League Trophies are there?

There is only one Champions League trophy available to winners.

However, prior to 2009, there was a UEFA ruling that allowed any club who had won the trophy five times or three times in a row, to keep it. As a result, Ajax, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Inter Milan, Liverpool and Real Madrid all have their own version in their trophy rooms! This means the total number of official UEFA Champions League Trophies ever to have been made is 7.

How much is the Champions League Trophy worth?

The Champions League Trophy is 7.5kg of sterling silver, making its scrap value just £2175!

For the biggest trophy in club football, it doesn’t cost that much!

However, the real value to clubs comes in the form of prize money, with the winning club set to take away €108.9 million!

Where is the Champions League Trophy kept?

UEFA keep the current Champions League Trophy at their headquarters, with the Champions League Winners instead taking home a replica for their trophy cabinet.

What are the Champions League Trophy presentation rules?

The Champions League has its own set of presentation rules when the trophy is presented at the final:

  • The original Champions League trophy must only be used for the official presentation to the winning team. The trophy remains under the ownership of UEFA at all times.
  • Replica trophies are awarded to the Champions League winners, which they may take home and display at their football club. The trophy must not leave the club’s country without written permission from UEFA! The trophy must not be used for any advertising or any 3rd party association where the other party is likely to gain visibility from their association with the trophy.
  • Each player from the winning team is presented with a gold medal. Each player from the runner-up team is presented with a silver medal. There are 40 gold medals and 40 silver medals in total which may be awarded.

Do clubs keep the Champions League Trophy?

No, clubs take home a Champions League Trophy replica for display in their trophy cabinets.

However, prior to 2009, there was a ruling in place which allowed clubs to keep the trophy if they won the competition 5 times, or 3 times in a row.

What is the Champions League Trophy made of?

The 71cm tall trophy is made from 7.5kg of sterling silver.

Is there a new Champions League Trophy every year?

No, the Champions League Trophy which is presented remains the same each year.

However, a new replica trophy is created each year for the winning club to display in their trophy cabinet. The original trophy is never awarded to the winning team.

Can you get a full size Champions League Trophy replica?

No one is licensed to create a replica of the Champions League Trophy, and so there should be none in existence!

That said, if you need a trophy for a special event, there are many companies like ourselves who offer a bespoke trophy service.

Is the Champions League Trophy returned?

Yes, UEFA keep the Champions League Trophy each year. The winners only get to take home a replica of the trophy.

How much does the Champions League Trophy weigh?

The trophy weighs a relatively modest 7.5kg.

It’s easy to see, then, how the Champions League Trophy was dropped and damaged in Chelsea’s celebrations of winning the competition in 2012!

What is the Champions League Trophy size?

The Champions League Trophy stands 73.5cm tall, relatively modest dimensions in comparison to the Premier League Trophy’s 104cm!

What is the Champions League Trophy called?

The Champions League Trophy historically has been known by many different names:

  • Coupe des Clubs Champions Européens (between 1967 and 1994)
  • European Champion Clubs’ Cup
  • European Cup

When will the Champions League Trophy be presented?

The trophy will be presented to the winning team after the Champions League Final.

Is the Champions League Trophy engraved?

Winning teams are presented with a replica trophy with their football club’s name engraved on it. However, the actual Champions League trophy does not get engraved with the winners’ names.

The engraving on the Champions League trophy reads: “Coupes Des Clubs Champions Européens”, and the trophy is embossed with a UEFA logo.

Which Teams are Champions League Trophy Winners

The Champions League has been won by several teams since the competitions first tournament in 1956. The following teams have all won the Champions League:

  • Real Madrid (13 Wins)
  • AC Milan (7  Wins)
  • Bayern Munich (5 Wins)
  • Liverpool (5 Wins)
  • Barcelona (5 Wins)
  • Ajax (4 Wins)
  • Inter Milan (3 Wins)
  • Manchester United (3 Wins)
  • Juventus (2 Wins)
  • Benfica (2 Wins)
  • Nottingham Forest (2 Wins)
  • Porto (2 Wins)
  • Celtic
  • Hamburg
  • Steaua Bucureşti
  • Marseille
  • Borussia Dortmund
  • Chelsea
  • Feyenoord
  • Aston Villa
  • PSV Eindhoven
  • Red Star Belgrade

Which English Teams have won the Champions League Trophy?

Several English teams have won the Champions League:

  • Liverpool (5 Wins)
  • Manchester United (3 Wins)
  • Nottingham Forest (2 Wins)
  • Chelsea (1 Win)
  • Aston Villa (1 Win)

Leeds United and Arsenal have made it to the final, but have not yet won the trophy.

Do Champions League Trophy winners automatically qualify for next year?

Yes, winners of the UEFA Champions League are guaranteed a Group Stage place in the following year’s Champions League competition.

How much prize money do Champions League Trophy winners get?

The Champions League final winner takes away €19m, while the runners up take home €15m.

However, the figure the clubs actually receive is a lot higher than this, as prize money is also earned throughout every stage of the competition. Money from TV rights is also split between the clubs.

The Champions League winning team is estimated to take home around €108m in total!

Who has the most Champions League Trophy wins?

Real Madrid have won the Champions League trophy 13 times, including being victorious in the very first Champions League, back in 1956.

Is there a Champions League Trophy emoji?

There is no official Champions League Trophy emoji, however, there is a standard football trophy emoji available as a good alternative! 🏆

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