Aford Awards Create the Most Expensive Trophy to Date

Aford Awards Create the Most Expensive Trophy to Date

Since creating the biggest trophy in motorsports we’ve been inspired to dream bigger and better, that’s when the idea came about to trump the current world’s most expensive trophy, the original authentic FIFA World Cup. 

It only seemed fitting to create the ‘Fortune 40 Trophy’ the world’s most expensive trophy in tribute of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which will commence later this year ahead of our 40th anniversary.

The prototype of the trophy features 2,200 diamonds & a single ruby, as seen in the images below.

Standing at 28 inches tall, 18.5 inches wide and 10.5 inches deep, our Fortune 40 trophy is much larger than the current FIFA World Cup which stands at 14.5 inches tall. 

The one-of-a-kind trophy made from sterling silver plated iron is nothing less than opulent – encrusted with approximately 2,200 1ct colour D diamonds of a round brilliant cut and a VS clarity, accompanied by a 1.54ct untreated Mozambique Ruby worth £10k each. With a total value of approximately £23m ex VAT, the Fortune 40 Trophy would be the world’s most expensive trophy. 

A replica of the trophy can be seen below. 


View the World's most expensive trophy here.

Just earlier this year we featured in Kent Online and KMTV for producing the biggest trophy in motorsports. We’re moving onto bigger and better things - creating the world’s most expensive trophy. 

When we met with the team at KMTV earlier in the year we discussed how we made the biggest trophy in motorsports for the World Endurance Championships and our links to local Kent football clubs. 

You can watch our discussion with KMTV here:

As seen on

Talk Sport:
Click on the 1:30-2:00 section and Jon is on around 22:50

BBC Radio Kent: (1 hour 30 minutes in) 
Kent Sports News:

The World's Most Expensive Trophies

So what are the world’s most expensive trophies? The FIFA world cup is valued at around $20 million and is followed by the Tiffany-designed, Woodlawn vase valued at $2.5 million. 

Trophy Name Value Sport
FIFA World Cup $20m Football
Woodlawn Vase $2.5m Horse Riding
BNP Parias Fortis Diamond Games Trophy $1.3m Tennis
Indianapolis 500 Trophy $1.3m NASCAR
Stanley Cup Trophy $650,000 Ice Hockey
Super Bowl Trophy $50,000 American Football
ICC Cricket World Cup Trophy $30,000 Cricket
World Series Trophy $15,000 Baseball
European Championship Trophy $15,000 Football
NBA Trophy $13,500 Basketball

If you're interested in what sort of trophies we have available at Aford Awards, explore our sports trophies, football trophies and motorsports trophies

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